McCormick, Biography +

John McCormick

John McCormick lives in Northern California and has distinguished
himself both in his earlier abstract works and his refined landscapes
and drawings. In 2001, he was given a one person exhibition at the
Triton Museum of Art, and in 2002 he was invited to be a resident artist
at The Morris Graves Foundation in Northern California.

Nature is the departure point for McCormick's paintings, drawings
and collages. He is a contemporary painter who combines elements of modernism with those of traditional painting. His art demonstrates a deep involvement with the craft of painting, the alchemy of rendering form, and the modulation of tone and hue.

His paintings, drawings, and collages are not just a documentation of nature, but rather, they are compositions that demonstrate a process of engagement and a meditation on experience.

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Exhibitions & Collections

Selected Exhibitions

Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery, Solo Exhibition, San Francisco, CA

Anne Reed Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Ketchum, ID
Lisa Harris Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Seattle, WA

Elins Eagles Smith Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Bolinas Museum, Above and Below, Bolinas, CA

Lisa Harris Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Seattle, WA

Elins & Eagles-Smith Gallery, SF International Art Fair, San Francisco, CA
Scott White Contemporary Art, Solo Exhibition, La Jolla, CA
Scott White Contemporary Art, Terrain, Telluride, CO
Arcadia Fine Art, Summer International Invitation, New York, NY
DNFA Gallery, Landscape Show, Pasadena, CA
Diane Nelson Fine Art, Landscape Show, Laguna Beach, CA

The Munson Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Santa Fe, NM
The Triton Museum, New Works by California Artists, Santa Clara, CA
Lisa Harris Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Seattle, WA
Eleanor Ettinger Gallery, Summer Salon, New York, NY
DNFA Gallery, Landscape and Memory, Pasadena, CA
Susan Street Fine Art, Solana Beach, CA
Anne Reed Gallery, Reflecting on Surfaces, Ketchum, Idaho

Lisa Harris Gallery, Millennium: Three Introductions Seattle, WA
Diane Nelson Fine Art, New Landscapes, Laguna Beach, CA

Campbell-Thiebaud Gallery, Large Paintings, San Francisco, CA
Tercera Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Los Gatos, CA
The Munson Gallery, New Gallery Artists, Sante Fe, New Mexico
Diane Nelson Fine Art, Elements of Landscape, Laguna Beach, CA

San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA
Robert Green Fine Art, Selected Gallery Artists, Mill Valley, CA
Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Gallery, Birmingham, England
University of the Pacific, Alumni Exhibition, Stockton, CA

Robert Allen Fine Art, San Francisco, CA

Robert Green Fine Art, Mill Valley, CA

Harleen & Allen Fine Art, San Francisco, CA

Harleen & Allen Fine Art, San Francisco, CA

United States Embassy, Selected Western Artists, Moscow, Soviet Union

University of the Pacific, Alumni Show, Stockton, CA
Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA

Triangle Gallery, Two-Person Show, San Francisco, CA
Triangle Gallery, New Work, San Francisco, CA


Selected Corporate& Public Collections


Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
The Deutsche Bank, San Francisco, CA
United States State Dept, Washington DC
PG&E Headquarters, San Francisco, CA
Safeco Insurance, Seattle, WA
National Inner City Bank, Los Altos, CA
Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, San Francisco Offices
Komag Corporation, Santa Clara, Ca
Sheraton Hotels, CA, USA
Nasu Highland Resort, Nasu, Japan
Unocal, Walnut Creek, CA
Siemens, Rolm Communications, Santa Clara
Simpson, Thatcher & Bartlett, Palo Alto, CA
Geomatrix Consultants, San Francisco
Burns-Philp, San Francisco, CA
Rucker-Fuller, San Francisco, CA
Conner Peripheral, CA, USA
Kaiser Permanente Center, CA
The Sherwood Group, San Francisco,
Kenny, Burd & Markowitz, San
Coblentz, Cahen, McCabe & Breyer, SF,
Pennie & Edmonds Inc., Menlo Park,
ProBusiness, Pleasanton, CA
Gordon & Rees Attorneys, San Francisco, CA
Woodson, Barksdale, Palo Alto, CA
Baker & McKenzie Law Offices, San Francisco, CA
The Elkhorn Lodge, Ketchum, Idaho
The Little Nell, Aspen, CO
California Community Foundation, Santa Monica, CA